Window tinting laws in Arizona explained

Today, tinted windows are common in Arizona. With temperature usually climbing over 100 degrees in the summer times, windows tint can offer respite for the sun. It can keep the inner temperature of a car cooler and secure the seats and dashboard from sun-related wear. If a direr beaks the rule by tinting the windows too darkly, though, he/she might unable to see the road. All drivers have to know obeyed Arizona’s window tint rules for everybody’s safety.

What Percentage Window Tint is lawful in Arizona?

The rules describe window tint in terms of reflectivity and darkness. It also refers to visible light transmission or VLT, or the percent of light the tint windows into the car. In Arizona, the rule restricts what percentage of visible light transmission is lawful according to the different windows and cars. Arizona Revised Statute layouts the laws a driver has to follow if tinting her or his car if it’s an SUV, sedan or Van.

  • Font side windows need to have a VLT of more than 33 percent
  • Backside windows, as well as rear windows, can be any darkness
  • If the backside glass has tint, the rule needs dual side mirrors
  • Front and backside windows must not be more than 35 percent reflective
  • The front window might only have non-reflective tint, over the AS-1 line

It’s against the rule to use amber to red tint colors. Only with a valid medial exemption might somebody use a special sort of tints, such as darker grade or a different color. Car holders don’t need stickers to identify legal tinting. Since some room for interpretation exists with Arizona’s window tints rules, separate police officers might enforce them differently.

Can You Have Limo Window Tint in Arizona?

Limo window tint is the darkest grade available. In most areas, limo rent is 5 percent VLT. Meaning it only allows five percent light transmission into the car. It’s illegal to use limo tint on the front side windows and the windshield of SUV, sedan or Van in AZ. These windows must have tint with more than thirty-three percent VLT. A driver could, however, use limo window tint on the rear side and the back windshield.

Can you lawfully Tint Your Front Windshield in AZ?

According to Hightech Autoglass Services in Scottsdale You can lawfully tint your front windshield in AZ, but only according to specific laws. The tint might only cover the topmost portion of the glass, above the AS one line the developer placed on the car. The below edge of the tint must be at least 29” in front of the below of the seat’s backrest. The material of the tint can’t be red or amber. It’s illegal for a driver to have any materials or stickers affixed to or blocking the window that obstructs or decrease the driver’s clear view of the road.

If the driver violated the AZ’s window tint rules at the time of the collision, a victim might be capable to use this as proof of mistake or negligence in a car accident claims.